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4 Ways Managers Can Support Women’s Leadership Development

How exactly should managers show employees — particularly women — that they support their development into effective leaders? Here are some tips.

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St. Thérèse and the Catholic Businesswoman: Following the Little Way at Work

Who is this woman? And what could Catholic businesswomen possibly learn from her? Her “little way” can be a guide for how you live your life, personally but also professionally.

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The Motherhood Myth: Redefining “Having It All”

The language we use when discussing women who work (“having it all” or not, “the motherhood penalty,” “the mommy track”) has significant implications for women both with and without children.

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How Charting My Cycle Helped Me Discover My PCOS

Sometimes, we can do more than put a band-aid on our bad periods. My advice to my fellow PCOS Divas is to find something that works for you. Most importantly, find a doctor who works with you.

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Truly Inclusive D&I Programs: Adding IDD

Many D&I initiatives focus on gender, race and ethnicity – all of which are important – but, ironically, exclude other areas – like integrating employees with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD) into the workforce.

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Have I Given Him My Heart?

Luke 14:26 tells us that we have to follow Jesus above everyone else. We cannot love our spouse, our parents, even our children more than we love Him. It’s hard; we can touch the people in our lives. We see them. We hear them. Sometimes, it feels as though we can’t touch, see or hear Christ.⁠

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