Why Blog?

You’re busy. You own your own business, which means you’re creating products or developing services, dealing with finances and day-to-day operations, and maybe managing a small (or large!) team. Is a blog really something you want to add to your never-ending to-do list?

Yes. A blog gives your business a voice, making your audience want to engage with, and potentially buy from, you. It shows your customers that there’s a person behind the product and your prospects that there’s a human being behind the sales pitch. It showcases your authority and expertise, building trust in your products or services.

It also drives traffic to your website (and converts that traffic into leads … and then sales!) and boosts your presence online with link-backs, search engine optimization (SEO), and social shares.

But you don’t actually have to have the time to dedicate to keeping a blog up to date with regular content. In fact, I’d advise against it. By hiring a professional writer and editor with experience managing online content, you can reap the benefits of a blog while focusing your time on what you’re really good at: running your business.

Want to learn more? Send me an email, and let’s get started!

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